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Paleo Meal Plans

Are You Getting Bored With Your Food And ‘Falling Off The Wagon’?

Feeling Overwhelmed With A ‘Real Food’ Diet And Don’t Know What To Eat?


You Need Easy, Practical Meal Plans To Help You Lose Weight,

Give You New Fresh Meal Ideas, And Streamline Your Time In The Kitchen!

You will LOVE the Personal Paleo Plans

This is a digital e-book product.


Seriously, these meal plans work to produce weight loss results!

I know because this is exactly the same meal plan I used over one month to lose another 6 pounds. And during that month I did absolutely no exercise at all!

Here’s what you’ll get

  • A living working plan that I’ve used myself – no joke I lost another 6 pounds during the month I used this meal plan and I was super slack on my exercise…like none!
  • Low maintenance recipes – I love cooking BUT I’m busy so keeping it low maintenance is important
  • Practical ideas and cooking for busy people – a lot of meal plans are not practical, people just throw them together thinking they sound good but they don’t work in real life…these plans are practical.
  • Plenty of new fresh meal ideas - keep your creativity and motivation high with new ideas to play with
  • Streamline your time in the kitchen – save time & get results, kitchen tips, cooking ideas, get lots of inspiration
  • Easy to prepare meals – easy and fast most of the time…well as fast as you can get with cooking real food in a real kitchen :)
  • Cooking with real food to get real results – real food is the only way and if you don’t love it now you will learn to love it!
  • Based on a 2 person average - the plans and recipes are based on feeding 2 people overall with a few exceptions here and there.

Let’s look at the Personal Paleo Plans more closely

A 4 Week Workable Meal Plan


  • 4 Whole Weeks of DONE FOR YOU practical meal plans meal plans
  • These plans include Breakfasts, Lunches, and Dinners
  • There’s often leftovers for snacks!
  • The plans tell you what to prepare for the next day
  • Print them out and keep them on the fridge!!




Over 40 Easy Recipes To Go With Meals

PPP-recipe bookDelicious recipes with pictures throughout the book to get your taste buds tantalized!

Let’s take a peek inside…



Creamy Chicken chicken with mushroom cream sauce

Chicken Burritos

Chicken Curry

chicken curry & lettuce

Beef Tacos

spicy beef taco

Nut Crusted Lamb Cutlets & Salad

Easy Lunch Stir Fry

stir fry style lunch


You won’t get BORED and fall off the wagon with these meals on the menu…AND there are plenty more easy and delicious recipes like these on the plan !


You Also Get A Printable Recipe Book

Don’t want to waste colored ink??

No worries, I’ve made the solution…

Print up your recipes from this printable

black and white version of the recipe book without pictures




Here’s The Deal…

I am offering you this great package for just $12.97, what a bargain!

That’s less than 50 cents per day, for inspiration, ideas, time saving recipes and most importantly…weight loss results!

I can tell you this…no-one else offers PRACTICAL meal plans that achieve weight loss results. Everyone else just puts recipes together without testing them first and they don’t work on a practical level at all.

My meals are simple and clean, they DO NOT contain baked almond flours, cakes, muffins, pancakes…WHY because foods like that DO NOT provide optimal weight loss results!

They are based on simple protein, vegetables and good fat sources, that way you get the very best results.

You will really enjoy this food…I sure did and like I said the results were good despite my lack of exercise!

Don’t Wait, Buy The Meal Plans NOW


Here’s What People Have To Say

Hey I’ve got something else for you too…





Inside the paleo pantry

A list of common staples to keep handy at your disposal




weight loss resolutions pic



A 30 page positivity report / guide that covers topics around finding the right mindset to achieve your weight loss goals.

Topics include: Mindset, Self belief, Tapping into your positivity, Commitment, Growth and change, Motivation, Loving yourself


Take Advantage Of This Offer

Just $12.97…BARGAIN!

It won’t last forever, so get it NOW!

I can’t wait to share your results, it’s something I ALWAYS look forward to.

Talk soon

Jedha XXX

P.S. If you still have questions about the product you can contact me here

P.P.S. At the super low price of $12.97, there is no money back guarantee, refunds or returns on this product. I have done the best to describe the product in full detail so be sure you make the right decision. There is no guarantee of results due to differences in personal application. The plans and recipes are made for general weight loss and personal use only and should not replace the advice of a medical practitioner if need be.

In saying all that, you are going to LOVE the meal plans, recipes and product overall and I’m sure it will bring you great results!