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Is Cheese Allowed On Paleo?

Is Cheese Allowed On Paleo?

Is cheese allowed on paleo?I had a question from someone recently asking ‘Is cheese allowed on the paleo diet?’, so today that’s the question I’m going to tackle. The truth of the matter is that there is no one set rule for everyone who follows the paleo diet.

Some people eat dairy and cheese, some don’t. Some people eat 100% paleo, some eat 70-80%. Some people are complete purists and eat everything organic, grass fed, some people don’t for many different reasons.

The thing is I know this makes it confusing for many people because there is no set yes or no rule when it comes to certain things. You have to get to know your own individual body and your own individual health condition and your own set of individual circumstances. Unfortunately there is no one size fits all!

If you are trying to lose weight

Your best bet is if you are trying to lose a fair amount of weight, do not eat cheese or dairy, at least for a while. Dairy is quite high in sugars and many people do not tolerate it well, having gut irritations that can effect digestion and prevent weight loss. So if you’ve cut aboslutely everything else out and still not losing…cut the dairy!

If you’ve cut dairy out for a while, try reintroducing it. If your body reacts in any negative way, then you know that dairy is really not for you. On the other hand if you go okay, then you may be one of the lucky ones who can continue to eat dairy.

So I’m sorry that I couldn’t just give you a simple yes or no answer, but with many things in life we need to work out what is best for us.

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