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Buy Paleo Diet Foods Online

Buy Paleo Diet Foods Online #1

Sometimes it’s difficult to buy paleo diet foods in your local area so recently I’ve been looking online to help create some resource pages where you can expand the variety of foods you might buy. I’ll be doing a series of posts over the next few weeks to share places and I’ll also save you time by giving you lists of each stores paleo friendly foods!

There are  loads of places you can buy stuff but today I’ll share the foods available at the Netrition Store because they have a HUGE variety of paleo friendy foods.

Buy Paleo Diet Foods: Netrition Store List

Rawtella                                       A organic cacoa hazelnut spread, I wrote about this the other day, a nice find for the occasional treat!
Coconut Products  Coconut flour, coconut cream and milk, coconut aminos, coconut oil, blue diamond almond coconut blend, coconut flakes, shredded coconut, choose from a variety of brands. Bob’s Red Mill and Coconut Secret are popular brands. I use Bob’s Red Mill with alot of products.
Almond Products Almond flour, almond meal, almonds, almond milk
Apple cider vinegar Bragg is my favorite but they have a couple of brands.
Eden Foods products

Pumpkin seeds and tamari almonds

Cocoa powder and butter A few different brands to choose from
Steel’s Gourmet Sauces Ketchup (tomato sauce), cocktail sauce with dill and lemon, and the spiced cranberry sauce. They do have other varieties but these 3 are the only ones I’d buy.
Vanilla extract Now brand
Nuts Almonds, pecans, sunflower seeds, and a few dried fruits
Green Mountain Gingo The salsa is fine
Joyva Sesame tahini
Nut butters Almond butter, cashew butter
Spice blend rubs – sicilian and Arrabbiate hot
Other Bits & Pieces…  
Vitamins & minerals
They have loads of vitamins and minerals available
Herbs valerian, dandelion, st johns wort and the list goes on and on!
Tea and coffee

Green tea, senna tea, chai tea, sencha and matcha tea, expresso coffe beans, detox tea, colon cleanse tea.


As you can see they’ve got heaps of stuff, I might have missed a few but I’ll keep adding to the list as I find them.  Netrition have a flat shipping rate of just $4.95 so if you stock up on a load of stuff it won’t cost you much for delivery!

As I said I’m going to highlight many stores over the coming weeks and all their products so if you know somewhere I can include as a resource, please let me know :)

Talk soon


P.S. Share this great resource with your friends :)

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  1. Mary says:

    Thank you for taking the time to make these lists. I never seem to find the time! This will be a great resource. Been looking for coconut flakes…and there they are at Netrition!! Thanks!

    • Jedha says:

      You’re most welcome :) There will be many more resource lists like this one. I thought they would be very helpful for everyone and I’m so glad you found your coconut flakes :)

  2. Vanessa says:

    Love Netrition! :)

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