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Nuts & Paleo. How Much Can You Eat?

Nuts & Paleo. How Much Can You Eat?

nuts & paleo how much can you eatNuts, nuts, nuts, we all love them. They taste good and they are one of those easy to grab snacks in those moments when you need them. But when it comes to nuts & paleo, how much can you eat?

Think about nuts in the wild, if we had to collect them and then crack them, we probably wouldn’t really get to eat too many of them all at once. It would be way too labor intensive. This is the exact logic to think about when choosing to consume them.

Nuts are *very* calorie dense, which is not such a bad thing. BUT if you are trying to achieve weight loss then keeping them to a maximum of one small handful a day is key. I often keep a small bag of nuts in my handbag in case I’m out and have a hunger attack. I’ll just have a small handful and I’ve found that if you eat them one at a time, chew them thoroughly, then they fill you more and you don’t need as many.

On the other hand if you gobble them down, that crunch and taste can be super addictive and before you know it, you’ve eaten a whole packet. Don’t over indulge, keep it to one small handful a day.

And what about nut flour baking?

I’m sorry but it’s a no, no for weight loss. It will slow you down. My philosophy is to keep it real and keep it clean, your food that is. It’s best to break the habits of needing baked goods. Sure they are okay on the odd occasion but as an everyday thing, paleo baked goods made with nut flour are a no, no if you want rapid weight loss. Using some almond meal to coat your chicken shnitzel or lamb cutlets is fine sometimes too.

Here’s a couple of links to other articles

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Hope that helps
Talk soon

P.S. Share this post with your friends so they can work out the nut thing too. Maybe they’ll stop baking so much and start losing more weight :)

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