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Weight Loss Plateaus: A Few Tips On Getting Past Them

Weight Loss Plateaus: A Few Tips On Getting Past Them

weight loss scalesWeight loss plateaus are discouraging, frustrating, irritating and just a darn pain in the backside!  Just as the name suggests, a plateau is a time when you just can’t seem to make any headway, you’re stuck in a stable phase. Now this isn’t necessarily all that bad but there are a few simple things you can do to help you get past it.

Keep A Food Diary

The food diary is the single most important key in being your own detective and working out where you might be going wrong. We have a very short attention span and before we know it we’ve forgotten what we ate yesterday or the day before, what exercise we did or didn’t do. Keeping a food diary and including your exercise and beverage intake as well, you can often see a pattern unfolding or see that you’ve been eating too many almond flour muffins! Keeping you diary will often help to reveal the problem.

Increase Your Fat Intake

Sounds like a strange thing to say but I often suggest that people increase their fat intake. Fat does not make you fat, so start having some extra avocado, more olive oil based dresssings or drizzle it over your food, or take a teaspoon of coconut oil every day. You don’t have to go hell for leather and over indulge but trust me it works, I’ve suggested it quite frequently and those people have got off the plateau fairly quickly.

Exercise: Step it up or step it down

If you’ve been a bit slack on the exercise front then stepping it up is a great cure for a plateau. If you’ve been doing moderate exercise, then you need to try to step it up with some extra weight training, more intense cardio or try a crossfit class. On the other hand if you’ve been doing really intense exercise 6 or 7 days a week or you train twice a day, then perhaps you need to step it down just a bit and get some rest. Exercise is a stressor for the body and although most of the time it’s a good thing, if you exercise too  much it can still slow down or even stop your weight loss, esepcially if you’re not allowing your body enough time to recover.

Monitor Your Food Intake

Are you eating too much or too little? Even though the paleo diet is full of good healthy foods, you can still over indulge in the good stuff too. Try dropping down your portion sizes just a fraction for a week or two and see how it changes your results. On the other hand if you are only eating one meal a day and one snack then clearly you need to increase your intake because it’s simply not enough food to energise your body and keep that metobolism pumping.

Keep Pushing Forward

Being stuck on those weight loss plateaus is frustrating, we all know that, but it’s a time when people often give up, thinking that none of what they are doing is working. The most important thing is keeping a positive mindset and making sure you keep that positive self talk going in your mind. Remind yourself everyday that you are still moving forward and the results will come. Tell yourself it’s all okay. Remind yourself to keep working toward your goals. Keeping that postive mindset is so important in keeping your weight loss motivation high. Don’t ever stop, just keep pushing forward.

These are simple strategies but they do work. But don’t expect a miracle over night, okay! Give your body 1-2 weeks to adjust to the changes and then you will start seeing results again for sure.

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  1. Mathew says:

    Great advice, it always seems to be the smallest changes that get you through these scenarios. Even changing when you workout can help you get back on track. when your body gets in a routine you must shock it back into weight loss mode.

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