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How soon do you notice benefits of a paleo diet?

How soon do you notice benefits of a paleo diet?

I want it nowAny ‘diet’ program we start, starts with enthusiasm, gusto, and a slight bit of impatience, followed by an inner question…how soon do you notice benefits of a paleo diet?

Well, how soon does a baby enter the world? How long is a piece of string?

No really…it does vary for every individual person. But within a few days you will definitely notice some changes and benefits.

These might include:

  • Decreased bloating
  • Weight loss
  • Increased energy
  • Deeper sleep
  • A lighter feeling
  • A mental calm

And in time you will also notice alot of other changes occurring. I personally experienced less aches and pains in my body after about 1 week. I experienced weight loss within the first few weeks and continued to lose steadily. I definitely had less bloating plus increased mental clarity, more energy, more enthusiasm for life and many more benefits.

The Benefits Will Come

We are all suffering from the “I Want It Now’ syndrome and this is creating HUGE barriers to moving forward because you get stuck in a belief that if you do something you will see an immediate result.

I think you need to stop thinking about how quickly things will happen and learn the law of delayed gratification. This is a true universal law. We plant a seed in the ground, we must wait to watch it grow before we can eat the fruit. Some plants grow in 4 weeks, some take 4 months. We are no different. We must plant our seeds, take care of them every day and in our own time the results and benefits will come.

The law of delayed gratification!

It is like this in all areas of our lives. Very rarely do things happen overnight, so we need to let go of the ‘I want it now’ attitude, have some patience and focus on the important thing…long term health!

The Reported Benefits Are Many

The important thing is that many people who have been following a paleo diet are living proof of all the wonderful benefits the paleo diet can produce in your life.

  • More energy
    mental clarity
    Life long skin issues gone
    hair that was falling out-stopped
    good health
    Crohn’s disease-gone (at least that was the diagnosis?!)
    freedom from food
    Feeling great
    Weight loss
    freedom from the bodages of food
  • food cravings decreased or gone
  • years of yo yo dieting overcome
  • psoriasis -cured
  • excema-cured
  • type 2 diabetes -gone
  • And the list goes on

There are so many awesome stories of people experiencing the wonderful benefits of the paleo diet. So stop focusing on how soon and focus on your health and choosing the foods and lifestyle habits that will promote mind, body, and soul wellness.

Keep forging your way forward and the benefits will come :)

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