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How To Start The Paleo Diet?

How To Start The Paleo Diet?

One of the questions I get asked frequently is ‘How to start the paleo diet?’.

For people already accustomed to the paleo diet, this may seem obvious…’just cut out all the sh*t and eat the foods on the list of paleo diet foods‘.

For those of us who don’t mind going cold turkey, that’s all very well…

But for many people getting started on paleo this line of thinking just isn’t so simple and feels like a HUGE learning curve!

Starting a paleo diet after years of eating bad foods and having bad food habits, is not as easy for some as it is for others, so it’s okay to feel lost and not know where to begin!

Which is why we are here talking now, right?

Best way to start on the paleo diet?

One of the very best ways to get started is by doing a sugar detox. You will not be alone if you have come from a diet of heavy carbs like grains, loads of sugar from processed foods, and also too much dairy.

The problem is that all these foods are full of sugar, so getting your body adjusted to a diet without so much sugar is a great objective and goal to start with. The mission is to cut out or largely reduce your intake of sugars.

I recommend using the 21 day sugar detox guide because it provides 3 detox levels to choose from so you can tailor make your program to suit your own level. It educates you about the ins and outs of sugar, gives you recipes, and provides excellent support. So it’s a great guide to get you started, giving your body a chance to adjust to the change.

Next you need to know what to eat…

You need to know what foods are included on the paleo diet and which are not

I have 2 articles you might like to read:

The Paleo Diet: What you should avoid

What can you eat on the paleo diet?

And you can also join my newsletter and receive a paleo diet food list and a paleo snack ideas list as well, which will give you loads of food ideas. You can join the newsletter at the top right hand side of this page —->>>

Overall the basic rule is you want to eat clean natural food and you want to include a portion of protien, some vegetables and some good fats at every meal.

How to incorporate paleo into your life

At first it can be a rather big adjustment so often I suggest that people look at what their current food habits and flavors are and work from there.

Say for example you love to eat a burger on Thursdays, then still aim to eat a burger but instead of eating a traditional burger with a bun and sugary sauces. Eat a paleo burger, served on lettuce leaves instead of a bun and served with homemade mayonnaise and homemade tomato sauce.

If you enjoy eating pastas, you can still enjoy a creamy cabonara sauce made with coconut cream and instead of serving it with pasta, have it with some cabbage noodles. Start from the things you love and look for easy, paleo recipes that you can implement and learn.

Soon enough your habits and taste buds will begin to change. Hey, and if you can’t cook at all…you might want to watch our weekly video Cooking Show segment, where Paul shows us how to cook up some simple and delicious dishes in the kitchen.

Go Easy On Yourself!

Please, please, please go easy on yourself when you are first getting started. Like I said, it is a pretty big learning curve for some of us and we all need to adjust at our own pace. You don’t need to know everything to get started on the paleo diet. You don’t have to get everything perfect. You just need to start moving forward in the right directions and you can learn more as you go along.

As you learn, you can tweak your diet, try more recipes, and be more adventurous with foods. The most important thing is you get off all those sugary foods and start eating fresh, healthy foods that nourish your body.

Everything will follow on from there. Take it slow, one step at a time, on bad habit at a time. That’s how you win!

If you’re someone that needs it all spelled out, you might like to check out the paleo meal plans to help you get started with lots of food ideas, meal plans and recipes.

Remember to grab your free paleo diet food list and snack ideas list too. You can do that up on the top right of this page.

Talk soon



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