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Sugar Detox Guide Review

Sugar Detox Guide Review

If you have been thinking about doing a sugar detox, then now is the time to get started! I have done a few of them myself and it always boosts results!

The first time I did it, it was one of the best things I have *ever* done. I’m not just saying that, but I really mean it.

Since then I’ve actually totally been off the sugar and feel so great! 

And the benefits, well now they are really too many to mention. Living without sugar is truly liberating. Great weight loss, increased energy, better sleep to name a few.

So I wanted to share a review of this great sugar detox guide so you can see what’s inside and grab it for yourself because it really is great value!

The Real Deal

Firstly it’s important to note that this guide is written by a certified nutritionist, Diane Sanfilippo so the information inside the guide is excellent, coming from a wealth of knowledge.

Here’s a snapshot of the table of contents so you see how jam packed with great info this guide really is.


This sugar detox plan really explains things in an easy to understand manner. It takes you through the steps from beginning to end so you understand what sugar does to your body. And the reasons why it helps you to lose weight and get healthy when you cut it out.

One Of The Best Things About This Guide

One of the best things about this guide is that Diane provides 3 levels of detox for people to follow. I think this is just awesome because she recognizes that there is no one size fits all program. People are at different stages with their health and their level of addiction to sugar. People also have different levels of inner strength in dealing with the detox process.

So it’s great to know you can detox at your own level of comfort. You can take it easy, or choose to go cold turkey if that’s the kind of person you are. It’s just great to know you have a choice.

Here’s a snapshot of selecting the appropriate level for you

After you select your sugar detox level, you are then provided with a comprehensive list of yes foods, no foods and foods to limit so you will be *very* clear on what to do. Again each level has a different set of foods to follow, with a separate list and separate rules. I think that’s just awesome!

The information is all in the guide, there was only one flaw I saw and that was with the list of dense carbs, which I could not read. Probably just a mistake but nothing worth worrying about.

The guide also talks extensively about all kinds of other sweeteners and is *very* educational. If you think other sweeteners are okay, then this guide will open your eyes to a few of the finer details and you probably won’t be eating them after that :) I use this guide as a reference all the time for it’s great educational content.

The guide also covers dining out, meal and snack ideas and provides a great list of recipes at the end.

But there’s more…

Extra Awesome Bonuses

Honestly, the awesomeness does not stop there. When you buy the sugar detox guide for a measly $21, you also get 2 extra bonuses and inclusion in the online detox group that runs monthly!

You get a supplement guide that gives you extra tips and goes through a variety of herbs and supplements to help you combat food cravings and get through the detox process easier.

You also get a FAQ guide. Because Diane runs the online groups she knows her stuff and has included a list of questions that people often ask. Questions like ‘Will I lose weight on the 21 day sugar detox?’ ‘Do portion sizes matter?’ ‘It’s my first week and I have a headache for several days, is this normal?’…and many, many more questions that include all the answers.

But it’s much, much more than a guide…

Online Support And Interaction

Every month Diane runs an online detox group. You get invited to this when you buy your sugar detox guide! This is just so generous and amazing! Clearly Diane is doing a great service to people and really wants to help you and others improve their health. Having a group to get involved in, share your experiences and ask questions just enhances your experience and offers so much support.

You don’t have to start the sugar detox at the beginning of the month but the groups do start on the 1st of every month so make sure you jump in early.


Click Here To Buy This Awesome 21 Day Sugar Detox Guide

I can’t believe you get all that stuff for just $21, this is great value.

I obviously own the guide and highly recommend it!

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    Great review, Jedha. Thank you! Let us know about your results…

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