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Low Carb Meal Replacement Shakes

Low Carb Meal Replacement Shakes

Primal Fuel - Ultimate Low-Carb Meal Replacement
Lately I have been struggling with time in the mornings. I’ve had to get up much earlier than usual because my hours at work have changed.

The thing is I really don’t feel like eating at all but I know I have to or else I would end up in a heap within an hour. So I have opted to using some low carb meal replacement shakes for those busy times.

Of course I don’t take just any old supplement, I want to get the best quality nutrition as I can. So I am using a product called Primal Fuel from the trusted Mark Sisson because I know that the products he makes are excellent.

It’s a whey protein shake made of all the best ingredients and unlike many other meal replacements, it does not have ingredients in it that will cause you harm. It’s all natural, of course.

The supplement also has the added benefit of coconut milk that gives the supplment it’s fat source, this meal replacement really does fill you up for a few hours. The coconut also gives it a rich, creamy flavor as well which is great. No artificial sweeteners or additives of course.

Sisson says the product helps promote lean muscle mass, it satisfies hunger, it’s got added herbs to help keep your gut healthy, and it’s low carb so it’s an ideal weight loss tool. I think eating good food is obviously the best form of nutrition but if you struggle to eat breakfast or you’re pushed for time, then a protein meal replacement shake is totally okay.

Primal Fuel is $79 which at first appears expensive but there are 30 meals in there so when you break it down that’s only $2.60 per meal. Not much at all really! I mean how many coffees do you buy per day?

It comes in 2 flavors, I chose vanilla because I’m not a big chocolate fan. I just mix it up with some ice cold water and drink it down. I guess you could add some berries or banana and make a smoothie but it tastes good without it.

The great thing when you buy it is, there is an option to refund your purchase if you want. I really don’t see why you would want to do, but at least if you hate it for some reason, you can send the rest of the canister back and receive a refund!

Anyway if you struggle for time or need a quick meal option sometime. Maybe you’d like to try Primal Fuel low carb meal replacement shakes?!

Primal Fuel - Ultimate Low-Carb Meal Replacement

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