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Detox From Sugar: 5 Great Benefits

Detox From Sugar: 5 Great Benefits

I used to be a sugar addict and am now in recovery! Hopefully forever, because I tell you one of the best things I’ve ever done is get rid of the sugar out of my diet.

Until you go through a sugar detox and rid yourself of it’s affects, you simply do not realize what an impact it can play on many areas of your health and wellness.

So I wanted to share 5 of the great benefits I’ve personally had from doing a sugar detox and it might just inspire you to go through the process and clean up your act.

1. Weight Loss
Achieving easier weight loss is the very first super great benefit of getting off sugar. Sugar in all its forms adds way too many extra calories to our diets that end up getting stored on our thighs (and other areas) as fat! By simply cutting out all the refined sugar, the processed foods that contain sugar, and heavy grains that are virtually all sugar anyway, you see the pounds just drop off within no time at all.

2. Eliminate major food cravings
One of my major problems used to be compulsive overeating and the reason why is that I had major food cravings all the time. But it wasn’t for good food, it was for burgers, fries, pasta, candy, and mostly all things full of sugar. My body was craving the sugar constantly and because I kept feeding it sugar it became a repetitive cycle. Get food cravings, eat more sugar, get more food cravings! I don’t get those anymore because my body is getting the nutrients from all the good food I’m eating and my body is satisfied with that. Thank goodness because being stuck in that neverending cycle was no fun at all for me.

3. Eliminate constant fatigue
When I was eating all that sugar-ridden food I was dragging myself around. My energy was all over the place but mostly I just felt fatigued all the time. I’d even have tiredness when I woke up in the morning. And by the end of the day it was often pure exhaustion, which led me to eat more sugar, which of course did not help at all. So getting rid of that horrible feeling and waking up in the morning feeling refreshed has been wonderful.

4. Obtain mental Clarity
Along with that feeling of fatigue came the horrible heavy head, the inability to think clearly and make decisions. A general uneasy feeling that clouded my whole life, and a feeling of being stuck in it all without being able to get myself out. By taking the sugar out of my diet and eating clean I can now think clearly and am able to make decisions and direct my life in the way that I want it to go. This is liberating.

5. Increase your energy and stamina
All these things have helped with the overall increase in energy and stamina that I now have. I look forward to my life everyday now, whereas before I was heading in a downward spiral. I’ve got plenty of energy to do all the things I want and more. And really I’ve never felt better.

I tell you something…doing a sugar detox is well worth the effort and delivers benefits beyond anything that you could have imagined. It certainly has for me and I have no intention of going back to it again.

That doesn’t mean I don’t indulge on the odd occasion, a party, a birthday or holiday festivities. But it is an occasion and certainly not and everyday occurrence. And in my opinion that’s exactly where sugar consumption belongs!

Anyway I hope these 5 great benefits of detoxing from sugar will inspire you to get rid of the sugar from your diet. Just like me I’m sure you won’t regret it!

If you don’t know what to do or you need a sugar detox plan to help you, check out this guide written by a qualified paleo nutritionist.

The 21 Day Sugar Detox Plan


Have a great day


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