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Fat Loss Guide: Robb Wolf's 30 Day Total Transformation Review

Fat Loss Guide: Robb Wolf’s 30 Day Total Transformation Review

Robb Wolf, well known paleo guru, research biochemist, author and owner of NorCal strength & conditioning, has a great book called “Robb Wolf’s 30 Day Total Transformation”, which is essentially a fat loss guide aimed at helping people lose weight.

It’s a great guide to help you kick start your paleo journey¬†and weight loss or even to take it up a notch. There is loads of information inside to help you understand the ins and outs or paleo and weight loss too. I’ve had the guide for a long time and it’s definitely one I refer to frequently.

So let’s take a look at what’s inside.

Product Description

Robb Wolf’s Total Transformation guide is a 56 page digital book valued at the very reasonable price of $25. You can buy it as a direct download from the internet, and the ordering process is an easy smooth process, taking less than 5 minutes from purchase to download, something I love about ebooks, instant gratification!

The guide walks you through the real life results of a couple of people,  before explaining how the paleo diet can help you lose weight and why it works. It goes through the important things to consider in your 30 day transformation. Things such as the importance of sleep and stress management, the nutrional basics of how to eat and how to shop, an exercise matrix of how to exercise and what to do, and a food matrix that gives you heaps of food ideas.

It also includes 4 whole weeks of paleo meal plans, with shopping lists and all the recipes as well.

And here’s where it gets really interesting…

One of the things that aroused my curiosity when I first heard about this ebook was the fact that it was ‘interactive’. I was curious to know exactly what that meant. So here’s the cool part.

Throughout the book Robb redirects the reader to either, read, watch or listen to things outside the ebook. So in this way the ebook is so much more than an ebook. I think this is very innovative because to tell you the truth I haven’t seen anything quite like it.

From the ebook:

For example, you might be reading the section on sleep and stress and then you see Robb’s listen icon in the margin, so you click on the link and it takes you to an audio file where Robb talks about sleep and stress. When you get to the exercise component he has links to videos that demonstrate the exercises. And when you get to the menu plans he has links to all the recipes for the meals.

So it really is interactive! And what that means is you are not just paying $25 for a 56 page ebook, but you also pay for heaps of additional information and the experience as well, which is pretty cool. This makes the small price of $25 more than worth the purchase, delivering high quality value.

As usual, Robb uses audio very well to explain some of the different aspects of achieving fat loss with the paleo diet. Very educational and informative for the reader, giving them a clear explanation of why and how this method works.

I learnt quite a few additonal pointers to implement in my own diet and lifestyle. I definitely got a deeper understanding of exactly how paleo helps to accelerate your metabolism and help fat loss, which is what I often refer to and pass onto people to help them acieve more success.

In fact it’s a great go to reference guide! Check it out here now if you’re already convinced, or continue reading more…

So Who Is This Product For?

This product is definitely aimed at people who want to lose weight and fat. Robb talks about this alot throughout the ebook so it is clear what the directive is. I think the ebook is well suited to the beginner or intermediate paleo weight loss enthusiast, and it also great for people stuck on a weight loss plateau.

For beginners, it really explains the basics and gives you a good understanding of how simple the paleo diet is, and how it effects change in your body, promoting fat loss. It’s also great how Robb explains the exercises and gives you options on where to start. So even if you are really overweight, you can just modify the exercises and do them at your level until you build up strength and stamina. And having the meal plans is a big help when you’re making the transition and have no idea what type of things to eat.

For the intermediate or people stuck on a weight loss plateau, even if you’ve been on the paleo diet for a while, there are still some good pointers and information you can learn from this ebook, including a few key pointers that might just help you get off that weight loss palteau. And having easy access to meal plans and recipes is always a good time saver.

The ebook is not really for well seasoned paleo dieters. You probably won’t find too much that you don’t know already. But in saying that I could be wrong because the audios are very educational.

A Few Additional Thoughts

Initially I was a bit disappointed that I couldn’t download the audio files to my computer so I could put them on my ipod to listen to. Personally that would be more convenient for me because I don’t really have time to sit in front of the computer and listen. Still I soon got over that because it’s better to really listen and absorb the information.

I found the shopping lists were a big strange, being presented in a daily format rather than a weekly format. So for the reader if you wanted to do a weekly shop you would have to calculate all the ingredients together to get the complete shopping list.

I was *very* surprised to find a couple of recipes on the menu that contained dairy?? Especially when Robb tells us not to eat dairy on the paleo diet, this could be a little confusing to the novice. Okay I am being picky and we all have room for a small stuff up here and there, so hey I guess we can overlook that one…maybe?!

I also picked up on one minor mistake where I’m sure there was meant to be an external link…but there wasn’t? I’m sure no one else would even notice that one :)

In saying that..these things would not be enough for me to avoid buying this awesome interactive fat loss guide.

Overall I think this is an excellent and innovative product to help people get started on the paleo diet with the objective to achieve fat loss and lose weight.

And for a mere $25 you get Robb’s interactive experience, which I thoroughly enjoyed!

If you want to lose weight and more importantly lose fat…then I highly recommend this interactive fat loss guide.

Now is the perfect time to get started, and if you follow what Robb says, you will definitely see great results within just 30 days.

Ready to get started? Download Robb Wolf’s 30 Day Total Transformation Guide.

Wishing you success,


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