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Paleo Diet Workouts

Paleo Diet Workouts

paleo diet workoutsYou don’t need to have a gym membership or be into crossfit to get good results with your paleo diet workouts or any other weight loss pursuit for that matter!

All you really need is yourself, a couple of dumbbells, a few pieces of garden furniture and that’s about it. Sure, a yoga mat, a swiss ball and a medicine ball can also be handy but you don’t need them.

I don’t have a gym membership. To tell you the truth I really don’t like the commercial gym environment at all, I never have. I just feel uncomfortable there. I’d rather do a workout at home or outdoors somewhere. I haven’t really tried crossfit and getting to classes never seems to fit perfectly into my schedule. So what that means is I have to do my own workout routines.

And what I do gets great weight loss and toning results. In fact I lost over 33lbs (15kg) by simply working out at home and of course following a good eating plan.

My Paleo Diet Workouts: Keep It Simple

I do 3 days of body weight / weight training a week and the rest of the time I usually just do power walks or go fpr a swim.

Here’s a couple of examples of my workouts from last week

Day 1

  • Morning – 30 minute power walk
  • Afternoon – 35 minute workout
  • 5 min warm up
  • 20 pushups
  • 20 squats
  • 20 walking lunges
  • 20 situps
  • 30 second plank

Repeat this set 3 times.

I used nothing but myself for this workout

Day 2

60 minute power walk

Day 3

  • 5 minute warm up
    20 squats
    20 reverse lunges
    20 butt kickers (ooh the burn)
    20 push ups
    20 sit ups
    10 oblique crunches per side
    15 tricep dips – using a deck chair

Did this set 3 times. This paleo diet workout was a total of 25 minutes and was all performed with only my own body weight. This was followed by a 20 minute walk…and that’s my exercise done!

Day 4


When I want to add a bit more of a challenge I can use my dumbbells for the squats, lunges and other exercises.

I keep it simple. I change it up a bit. All I really use is dumbbells and some bits of garden furniture most of the time. Anyone can do my workouts, from the novice to the experienced. No matter how much weight you are carrying. You simply adjust the exercise to your level of fitness and away you go!

So there’s no excuses not to exercise. Just get out there and do it!

Any kind of exercise, even walking will help boost your weight loss results. And it makes you feel great too!

Are you interested in some printable home workout plans and videos? I’ve got a whole book coming out in September with over 20 fast home workouts you can do in 30 minutes or less. Join my mailing list up above on the right and I’ll keep you informed on when it’s available.

Talk soon


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