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Compulsive Overeating: A Simple Solution

Compulsive Overeating: A Simple Solution

Starting a new lifestyle program brings with it some challenges that you have to be willing to overcome. Two of the big contirbutors to my weight gain over the past few years were emotional eating and compulsive overeating.

It’s weird and kind of scary to say it out in the open because for a long time the compulisive overeating was something hidden behind closed doors. Sometimes I felt like a foodaholic, sneaking off to the fast food outlet to get my burger fix, only to come home hours later to cook a healthy meal for the family!

The problem with that is…the weight starts going on and soon enough you can’t hide it. You can’t hide it from anyone else anymore and you certainly can’t hide it from yourself. The effects are far too obvious…fat, fat, fat!

Making A Decision To End Compulsive Overeating

Okay I had to make the initial decision to make some drastic lifestyle changes for myself. It is clear that that road I was heading down simply wasn’t producing the results I wanted. Einstien did say that the definition of insanity was ‘doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results’!

Ahhh…definitely insane :)

Anyway, I made the decision to make some changes, I chose the paleo diet for weight loss this time round. But I didn’t choose it as a quick fix solution, I genuinely wanted to change my lifestyle habits overall and for good! I really wanted to overcome the compulsive eating and other bad habits I’d developed.

A Simple Solution For Compulsive Overeating

The thing is that the paleo diet itself has been the simple solution to ending my compulsive eating habits. I still eat loads of food, somtimes it even feels like way too much. But it is all great healthy paleo diet food, which is full of vitamins, minerals and all the nutrients I need to lose weight and feel great. And even though I am eating loads of food, I am losing weight!

I definitely don’t feel deprived in any way. I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything. If I’m hungry, I eat more food. If I get that urge to eat, I eat more food. I LOVE food, as many of us do. But I think once you make the decision to change and you commit to it. Sticking to it is the easy part if the diet you choose allows you to eat lots of food!

Compulsive eating problem solved!

I think in the past I’ve opted for a ‘diet program’ and not chosen a new lifestyle. And the problem with ‘diet programs’ is that they often restrict calories and they are sometimes way too complicated with all the weighing, measuring, counting etc.

That’s all too difficult for me. I just want to eat food and it’s just a matter of choosing the right kind to eat. I actually love eating good food as much as junk food, it just takes a bit of forward thinking and organization to make sure thr ‘right’ things are at your fingertips.

Anyway I hope that inspires you to overcome your compulsive eating habits. It definitely is a liberating feeling to pull yourself out of the downward spiral. Paleo-way to go!

Have a great day


P.S. Have you struggled or are you presently struggling with overcoming overeating?

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  1. Hey Jedha,

    I can relate. I am definitely an emotional eater, and overeating is exactly what got me in the spot I was – FAT. lol. I chose the Low Carb Diet for the same reason – because portions, or the amount of food, is not an issue. I can literally eat a pound of bacon for a snack, and still lose weight. Crazy but great!

    What I’ve been realizing lately is that I’m still overeating. Or more honestly, I’m back to overeating. For a good 4+ months after starting the low carb diet, I didn’t have those cravings & random desires to eat – but they’ve returned. All good as long as I stick to my healthy food choices, right? Right. Except that it’s had me thinking about the *source* of my emotional eating / overeating. Which is really bugging me lately…

    • Jedha says:

      Hi Lynn, I think it’s kind of an ongoing battle of sorts. There are definitelty reasons we get ourselves into the *fat* skin in the first place. Emotions, safety, not looking at something deeper, scared of happiness, success, not lovng ourselves, trying to stuff something down?!

      I guess to really overcome the overeating and emotional eating for good, we might have to be prepared to dig a little deeper. I really hope you find the source and overcome it! I know I want to, and for good this time:)

  2. Definitely food for thought ;-)

    My daughter and I actually gained the weight together. And it was during a time in our life when things just shifted dramatically in our lives – and eating became a source of entertainment (when other sources went away). It was the time we spent together, whether going out to eat together or ordering out & watching movies.

    It seemed innocent enough at the time, but looking back I do hold guilt for not replacing our social time with other things. Nothing I can do about that now except try to make some changes going forward. Here’s to Zumba and hoping I can make that a fun new habit! :)

    • Jedha says:

      Funny how weight gain seems to often be associated with a life shift, my weight gain was the same, different circumstances to yours but a dramtic life shift. In society we use food as a reward and it’s associated with so many festivities and special occasions. I think that’s why we see food as a comfort in times of change, stress and so forth.

      I also hold a bit of guilt over my habits because we are role models for our daughters :) My daughter also gained a bit of weight during my obsession period. I guess that was one of the things that contirbuted to me waking up. Although you can’t change the past, we can influence the future.

      Funny thing is now everyone in my family is getting healthy, my partner, who’s not much of an exerciser has been going to the gym a couple of times a week. My son has always been a gym junkie so he wasn’t a worry. My daughter is eating better and has lost the few pounds she put on. I haven’t said anything, I’ve just served different meals at the dinner table and have been dedicated to my program and weight loss, and making a better lifestyle.

      I guess it does rub off on people :) I just say, take it day by day and keep moving foward like you say. Have fun with the zumba!

  3. Thanks – I can’t wait to get started! It came in on Friday, but we were gone on a fun road trip all weekend, so we’re starting today.

    I know that cooking more often would definitely be a big help. It makes a difference when you have a little control over what the family is eating (vs eating out / ordering out often). I just may need to start spending more time in the kitchen (than I prefer -lol) :P

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