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The Paleo Diet: Bacon Or No Bacon?

The Paleo Diet: Bacon Or No Bacon?

bacon, eggs, salsaOkay that’s what I had for my paleo diet breakfast this morning, and the question on the tip of my tongue is…the paleo diet: bacon or no bacon??

There are mixed opinions in the paleo and primal circles about whether bacon is really part of the paleo diet. Loren Cordain would suggest that  is actually a processed meat and therefore not truly a part of a paleo lifestyle.

It is true, bacon is actually a cured, smoked cut of pork with a few added ingredients. Check the ingredients yourself next time, you will find sugar, and a bunch of other stuff in the ingredients as well.

However does that mean we have to give up this delicious, tasty, treat?

The Paleo Diet & Bacon…Mark Sisson say YES

Mark Sisson, one of the Primal Living Greats states that:

“Personally, I often eat a few strips with an omelet in the morning, but just as often I use it as a garnish – a dash of bacon pieces in a salad”

Thank goodness, it looks like Bacon is still on the menu. However Mark does suggest that is is quite high in salt so depending on our blood pressure and other factors we might need to contain our consumption somewhat.

And he also says:

“I’d recommend finding pork that’s antibiotic and hormone-free. Check the ingredients and look for the most natural list you can get. The more commercial the product, the more likely that list contains additives you don’t need”. Source

Paleo Diet: Bacon Stays On My Menu…Yeah!!

As for me…my partner and I eat bacon quite regularly, especially for our big breakfasts on Sundays. I eat it in quiches, with salsa, with vegetables, with different eggs. I thoroughly enjoy it as I’m sure many people do. I’m not too worried about it being a processed meat, the only two processed meats I do eat are bacon and ham and the rest of my diet is clean. So I’m not giving up my bacon.

My advice…if you want to be 100% strict and super clean paleo, do not eat bacon. But to tell you the truth I’m not sure if it will make much difference. And the enjoyment you’ll get out of eating it…well, we do still need a few pleasures in life and bacon is definitely one of them :)

Though it’s always a good idea to keep variety in your menu!


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  1. Clayton says:

    I love bacon!! And I trust Mark Sisson… I’m not doing Paleo so I can say I 100% follow a set of rules… I do it to feel better, and bacon makes me feel great! :D

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